Monday, October 13, 2008

kitty litter

On Sunday my husband went to run a few errands and stopped at the local grocery store for items we needed. Kitty Litter was on the list. He came home from the store and started bringing packages into the house. His last trip in the house was a big box of Kitty Litter. Lanie's eyes got real big and she knelled next the the box. She says "oh daddy open it, open it!, You bought me a new kitty". Apparently she thought that because it had a cute picture of a cat on the side of the box then that is also what was inside the box. She was heart broken when she realized no such surprise inside. We reminded her that we already had ribbons and she was our special cat but she did shed a few tears until she got distracted and went playing along with something else. I think we will make a mental note of the boxes we bring into the house.

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