Sunday, January 31, 2010

model rocket launch

Paige built a model rocket and studied about how a rocket lifts off. Here is a video from this afternoon and us launching the rocket. We launched it twice and it was a blast....Get it?...:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mac in the shop mac is in the repair shop. I hijacked another computer but it isn't the same and has none of my pics. Hopefully this week it will be back.

P.S. Laine is doing well, labs look great and she will hopefully get her PICC line out next Friday. She is a little trooper and does so well with her medication.

P.S.S. I found this old picture from last summer somehow on this computer. Looking forward to summer.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{new scrapbook room}

I am so lucky to have my new scrapbook room coming together. I still am organizing and decorating it. I found an awesome art print by Amy Ruppel that is going to look sooooo cute in here. Then I discovered other great prints by Angie Lewin that is going to help me be creative! I also just really love my vintage camera collection and am thinking of finding a new shelf for my room and moving them from the living room to my office. I plan to organize and hang a wire from Ikea across one wall to hang different inspiration and ideas. I have another shelf that hubby will have to help with maybe this weekend we can get that done. I posted more scrapbook pictures along my side bar on the right side. Enjoy...happy Wednesday.
P.S. Laine is feeling so much better. She is walking and running and do everything again. Stairs still bother her but getting better. She has her stitches out and has 4 more weeks of IV antibiotics with 3 weeks done. She was able to stop by her school today and see her friends. She still can't attend all morning but was so happy to see her friends for snack and story time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

day date and scrapbook room

Sunday my hubby and I had a little day date....cuz we forgot our anniversary until like 2:00 in the afternoon back 2 weeks ago. (Laine had surgery...we were so focused on her....we both forgot for most of the day). So we said when things settle down we will carve some time for just us. Sunday was the was soooooo great.
First we went with the whole family to church, then Paige had a Girl Scouts event, Laine spent some time with dear friends and hubby and I had the whole afternoon. We took a little road trip.
We had lunch at Zingerman's which is in Ann Arbor. A very cool college town bakery/deli with awesome food. The kind of sandwiches that you think about the next day. So yummy and great coffee and root beers. Did I say it was yummy?
Then we went to Ikea....Oh how I love that store. I have been dreaming about my office for a while since we have finished our basement. I had some Christmas money and a gift card to use and it was so fun. I seriously could spend the whole day there.
It was great to spend the afternoon with my hubby. Our lives have been a bit busy lately and it was special to have time together.
And I have a new desk, bookcase, shelf and such a cute scrapbook office room that I'll post some pics soon.
Ya'all have a warm Tuesday...we are looking to having a warm up here...might even get to the mid 20's this week. yippppeeeee!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

things i heard my 4 year old edition

Laine is a character....sometimes more than others. In no particular order these are actual conversations or comments made by my daughter last week while in the hospital.

1) Jeff- "I am bringing Paige over in the morning to visit for a while."
Jen- "Oh good, maybe if all the doctors make rounds before she comes I could take her to the museum in the afternoon for a while"
Laine- "whoa, whoa, whoa" (with her arms held up like stop).

2) "Dad, you have 2 mustaches" (coming out of sedation)

3) "Mom, you have 2 heads" (coming out of sedation)

4) "I just don't understand all this" (after being poked for IV start and lab draws)

5) "I need a bandaid....and hurry it up" (while the nurse had left the room to get one and was still in the doorway of her room)

6) "You just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit" (after the surgery resident made her sit up in bed at 530 in the morning to examine her leg the day of surgery)

7) "I think it is time to head back up to the room....I am not going to be brave today" (I had told Laine in her room that she was going for a ride and doctors were going to help her leg heal, and she might be scared but that she would need to be brave....her comment was in the pre-op room)

Christmas clean up

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

target shopping trip.....

This is all the stuff I got at Target for $11.00. I was so excited! I bought another 6 1/2 foot tree for our basement and lots and lots of red and silver ornaments and a nutcracker laine had to have.

my day

thanks to my friend here who showed the post it notes.