Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twinderella: The Musical

We have been so busy this winter with play practice 2 times a week. My sister and I helped backstage with about 4-5 other parents. The dress rehearsal earlier in the week was a disaster! The director was still on stage reading about 1/2 the lines. The kids were not ready and one kid puked on stage because she ate to much pizza. It was interesting and I wasn't sure it would all come together. They did not run through the entire show in one setting until the night of the first show. But.....thankfully it did come together. All the kids did a good job with alot of backstage help. Paige was an Old Lady Matilda with a secret and my niece Avery was The UPS delivery girl. It was a cute show. Great Job Paige. We are so proud of you and the hard work! P.S. Don't forget to pause the music in my side bar to hear the play

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness

We have been so busy around here....Paige is in her first play next week and has practices two times a week. She also has piano and girl scouts and church activities. Laine has church activities and pre school three times a week and we try to go to storytime on Tuesdays (which we did today). We are loving this warm weather and Laine and I spend a few hours outside today cleaning up the yard. She played with the neighbor boys and my neighbor and I visited while I worked which was nice. Here in Michigan in the winter people hibernate and we miss our friends who live right next door.
Anyhoo, we are looking forward to a mini Spring Break trip (3 days) to a water park in Ohio with our friends in a couple weeks. Our kids have a blast together.
Paige's birthday is coming up soon and that for sure means Spring is right around the corner.
I also have a online basketball bracket for the Road to the Final Four....lets see how I do....Go Duke!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


lately i have been making premade scrapbooks for my friends and family. they have encouraged me to sell some. these are some of the books i am selling. i am hoping sell some books to help pay some of laine's medical bills. if you're interested email me at most of these books are 12-14 pages and 8 X 8 or 6 X 6 in size and ready for you to add your pictures. perfect for a birthday, shower or yourself. they have scrapbook paper adhered to sturdy chipboard and completed with stickers, ribbons and other elements to add interest. they can be personalized. these range between $ 15.00 and $ 25.00 not including shipping. if there is a book you are interested in and want more info let me know. i can send you pictures of all the pages if you need that too. thanks!