Monday, February 15, 2010


we had a blast in Chicago with awesome weather and fun activities. Just Paige and I went as we needed some girl time just us. When Laine was in the hospital in December I told her when Laine was better we would do something just her and I. She loves Chicago and picked it. (I got very nervous Saturday that we might not be able to go... Laine started complaining about her leg and had a fever. I took her to the Dr. for lab work and was given instructions for us to take her to the ER if her fever rose higher or if she started limping... Her labs were not normal on Saturday and the Dr wants to see her tomorrow to discuss more testing....Sunday though she seemed better and Paige and I took our chances, we needed this time....and we could have always come home if we needed to, and hubby takes great care of Laine.....) Anyhoo.....We packed in so much fun in 2 days. On Sunday we went to American Girl, shopping along Michigan Ave, Crate and Barrel, Apple, Lego, Sephora and lots other. We had coffee at a great little place called the Corner Bakery. We went back to the hotel in the late afternoon and went to the pool and sat in the hot tub and relaxed for a bit. Then we walked around downtown and they still had all the lights and pretty. We headed to Cheesecake Factory for dinner which so so yummy. Then back to the room to watch some Olympics which we both love. This morning we went for breakfast and then to Shedd Aquarium and the Art Institute and more shopping. We so needed this time together. We were both a little sad on the train ride home as we didn't want it to end. What memories. She is such a sweet girl and so funny too. She talks a mile a minute when she is excited which is the cutest thing ever. I love her to pieces.
Headed back to the Dr for Laine in the morning to see what any next steps are for her pain and fever. Hoping she can have testing that will give us good and accurate results.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day...again

today the kids stayed home. we got hit with a big snowfall during the day yesterday and it took me hour hour to get home from work which is usually a 20 minute drive. it kept snowing all night and this morning we had quite a bit of snow. my friends and I are adventurous and with her SUV we took the kids sledding to a big hill here. it was fun. it was cold. really cold. did i happen to say it was cold. little laine is my fair weather friend and lasted approximately 1.2 seconds and she was ready to climb back in a warm SVD with a built in DVD player with dora on. we made her play a few minutes. she doesn't like to sled. she likes to make snow angels. paige and i went down and never have i had so much snow in my face. beautiful day with beautiful friends.
p.s. i know some of my spelling is incorrect with lower case letters. i just think the lower case letters are so much cuter and like to type with them....since it is my blog and everything....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh happy day

Oh happy dance...Laine's leg is healed and she is done with treatment. After 7 weeks we are so happy. She had her PICC line taken out and done with the IV antibiotics. WHOOO HOOOO. She is ready to return to school and activities. She did say that she was going to miss her little backpack. (She had to wear a backpack 24 hours a day for the last 6 1/2 weeks). Can I just say my daughter is amazing? She is. She never once complained about having to wear the pack. Ever. Not one single time.
Can I just say this about my other daughter too. She is amazing too. Paige was so mature with having our Christmas interrupted this year that I am planning a special day for just her and I. We are taking the train into Chicago next week and staying overnight. I got a great room at the Sheraton for 48 bucks! The train ride is only 10 dollars per way. I couldn't keep a secret and told her this morning before school and she was so excited and hugged me and said she can't wait until time for just the two of us. So anyway...we are looking forward to fun times and thankful for all God has done for us. And reminded us of the important things.
On other notes I have been doing a little bit of shopping on etsy lately and aren't these so cute. The snow white sticker is for my MacBook. You can find it here if you want one. I received it in the mail today and it looks so cute. I also got this awesome sleeve for my MacBook from Bellamela. I also loved these wool felted balls. I have made them in the past but it takes forever!!! These didn't cost much and I think will look great in a glass jar, or maybe I will great crafty and make a necklace with them. Anyway...have a great weekend. Go Saints!