Saturday, September 26, 2009

no words...

There are no words to say when you have a friend is dealing with her daughter's fight for life. There is nothing to hard to comprehend...I am heartbroken... that my friend's sweet little 8 year old can go from having joint pain last have bone cancer with multiple broken bones, lung lesions and and given less than a 10 % chance of surviving.

Life is precious...I am sure today that I will not care if the house is clean...or if i have gotten enough sleep. Or if a bed is not made. I will not nag...or scold...or yell.

I will choose to love, and encourage and hug and snuggle and welcome my 2 sweeties that want to crawl in my bed at 6:00am when I want to sleep. I will welcome them with open arms...We will not watch the clock...we will enjoy our day today and have fun...we will make memories...

Thank you God for today...Pray for little Reagan...she is in pain and needs a miracle.

Monday, September 14, 2009

just one jesus...

Yup...I am guilty...I did indeed pray "just one Jesus". I prayed that as Paige plays soccer for the first time (except for pee wee league at 3) that she would make just one goal. Just one Jesus. I never knew how full my heart would feel upon learning of her scoring her first goal. I had to miss this weekend's game due to having to care for the sick and dying. Yup...because being a nurse has upsides and downsides....working some weekends is not one of the fun ones.

I regress....anyway.

She called me at work after the game and was so excited. Her team won and she scored one of the 5 goals. She is the smallest and shortest and maybe even youngest girl on her team. But she felt sooooooo proud. She said to me "mom the other girls gave me hugs and high fives". She felt part of the team. Thanks pink panther girls for being so encouraging to my girl that day.

To you Paige. I am proud. Not just because you scored a goal. But because you have to work hard. You have to run harder and faster than those long legged girls. And because you tried a new sport to be active and get exercise. And To be part of a team to contribute to. And because you cheer you teammates and are a good sport.

Thank you Jesus for the goal.

We will be praying for more this season too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

UT fan

isn't she the cutest little football fan you ever did see???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day...

of third grade...i am excited for you today paige...i look forward to all you will learn and all you have to offer. friendship, knowledge, skills, fun, maturity. good luck today dear one. i will miss you. love mom

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

goodbye summer.... hello come changes

We are looking forward to the fall and the fun activities and schedule and routine that comes along with going back to school. I am looking forward to watching Paige play soccer...learn piano....girl scout meetings with friends...and learning in school. Laine is in Preschool (first day was today and Paige starts school next week) and they both may attend Awana at church. I love fall air here in Michigan that is cool and crisp on our way to the bus stop in the mornings. We love to attend our high school football games on Friday nights and cheer for our team. Hello Fall, we are ready for you.

I will miss the fun memories of the summer...sleeping in and having my 2 sweeties join me to snuggle...trips to the waterpark, vacations, the beach, playing with neighborhood friends, a baseball game, trips to the zoo, and cookouts and making smores in the firepit. Oh, summer I will miss you...

Changes for our family too. We are currently trying to find a new church. We have been at our church since high school and it is hard to think about change. But it is something my hubby and I are both feeling (and praying about too) like it is time to attend somewhere else. We will miss the people. But we are looking forward to connecting to new people and are visiting churches now.

Goodbye summer, hello Fall and here come changes.