Friday, April 17, 2009

We had an amazing trip to Disney. We did so much that I think I need vacation from my vacation! We visited all the Disney Parks and have so many awesome memories. Paige wanted an artist do do a drawing of her and he did an awesome job of making her into a mermaid. Paige rode her first really big roller coaster (she didn't really like it). Laine wanted to go on it but she was too short. I actually had to walk her up to the gate and show her the height requirement. She walked away and sat on a rock and told the stranger sitting next to her that she was a "Loser" because she was too small. He started laughing and I felt like I had to explain that she had never heard those works come from me! We had breakfast one morning with all the Princesses. She saw 3 different parades and fireworks and went swimming and filled our days. What memories!

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