Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tiger game, check up, and the Detroit Zoo.

This last week we had a little get Detroit. Laine's Metabolic Specialist is there and the Children's hospital. We decided to head over there the day before and catch a Tiger game and stay overnight. It was so fun. I got a really awesome deal for a hotel on Hotwire and stayed at a 4 star and it was beautiful. Laine walked in the room and said..."oh fancy momma" What a little cutie! The game was fun and the Tigers won! (I got great tickets for 10 bucks each). We got up in the morning and went to Laine's checkup. We met with everyone and they are so happy with how she is doing we don't return for a whole year! Yea for us! We might miss them though, they are so wonderful to us and supportive. Then we headed to the Detroit Zoo in the afternoon. It was a blast.

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purejoy said...

i just love me a little getaway with an awesome hotel on the cheap!! did that over easte when we went to atlanta and had a blast (even took in a braves game!)
little mini vacations. and a little someone to share it with. life don't get much better!