Friday, October 9, 2009


Well we have had a fun fall. Soccer games and piano lessons and girl scouts along with school have kept us busy. Laine, Paige and I went to the apple orchard this week and picked apples and had yummy fresh cider and donuts. Oh...but I forgot my camera. Bummer. Lately I have just wanted to snuggle my kids and play games instead of blogging. I need to find a happy medium. I had no words to say for a while last week after finding out about my friends daughter. She has cancer and needs a miracle. Please pray for her. You can visit her at Caring Bridge website and then visit regancapps site. She is 8 and has cancer spread throughout her little body. She is in the hospital getting radiation and chemo. join me to pray for her will you?

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purejoy said...

i have been on a little blog-vacation. learning to be still and quiet. i can't get regan out of my mind. thanks for her caringbridge site. i'll keep up with her there.
your daughters are spectacularly beautiful. such sweet ages. gather them up and give them that one of a kind ribcrusher momhugs. before they start stiff arming you. (which they are probably much to sweet to ever do) mine are great as older teens, but they rarely have time for that mommy snuggle time. sigh.
i've missed hanging out with you. and i'm sorry your heart hurts.