Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm thankful...and happy thanksgiving

i am thankful for a good many things both simple and some more complex. i am thankful for (most importantly) husband and my daughters who live in this house with me and make my life complete, content, and bring me joy just doing the daily things.
I am Thankful
that i can watch my daughter get on the bus and she waves and waves until she can't see me anymore, i get to spend many mornings with laine either driving her to preschool or going to storytime, for my husband who works hard and is patient and loving to me and our daughters, my mom who does extra special things for my sister and i even though we are grown up, my mom who helps when laine is ill or has appointments out of town, for my friends at work who make me laugh, for my sister and her family who live in our same neighborhood, our church, good friends who helped finish the basement, awesome babysitter for laine on the days i do work, that Ikea is really not that far from laine's doctors, for laine's doctors, for my job, to have my morning coffee, my pandora jewelry, for great in laws, for days at work that i don't have to clean up poop or pee or puke, christmas lights, summers at the beach, building sand castles, that jesus cares about me, snuggles in bed on saturday mornings when the kids, our finished basement, my new scrapbook room, that when paige laughs her nose scrunches up so cute, that laine dances for me, i really could go on and on but tonight i have my girls and hubby at home and we are going to watch a movie and play some games and that is more important.

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Sara said...

I am thankful for posts like this...