Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day...again

today the kids stayed home. we got hit with a big snowfall during the day yesterday and it took me hour hour to get home from work which is usually a 20 minute drive. it kept snowing all night and this morning we had quite a bit of snow. my friends and I are adventurous and with her SUV we took the kids sledding to a big hill here. it was fun. it was cold. really cold. did i happen to say it was cold. little laine is my fair weather friend and lasted approximately 1.2 seconds and she was ready to climb back in a warm SVD with a built in DVD player with dora on. we made her play a few minutes. she doesn't like to sled. she likes to make snow angels. paige and i went down and never have i had so much snow in my face. beautiful day with beautiful friends.
p.s. i know some of my spelling is incorrect with lower case letters. i just think the lower case letters are so much cuter and like to type with them....since it is my blog and everything....

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