Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness

We have been so busy around here....Paige is in her first play next week and has practices two times a week. She also has piano and girl scouts and church activities. Laine has church activities and pre school three times a week and we try to go to storytime on Tuesdays (which we did today). We are loving this warm weather and Laine and I spend a few hours outside today cleaning up the yard. She played with the neighbor boys and my neighbor and I visited while I worked which was nice. Here in Michigan in the winter people hibernate and we miss our friends who live right next door.
Anyhoo, we are looking forward to a mini Spring Break trip (3 days) to a water park in Ohio with our friends in a couple weeks. Our kids have a blast together.
Paige's birthday is coming up soon and that for sure means Spring is right around the corner.
I also have a online basketball bracket for the Road to the Final Four....lets see how I do....Go Duke!

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