Monday, October 4, 2010

fall time

The girls already have their halloween costumes picked out and had a trial run over the weekend. Laine is Daphne from Scooby Doo in cause you didn't know, and if you aren't in the know regarding Tinkerbell and the fairies, Paige is Vidia. We have been busy with school starting and Laine is doing so well in Kindergarden. We had considered waiting another year, but her school offers 1/2 Kindergarden class. She loves her small class of 16 kids and 2 certified teachers. It is a great Academy here in our town. They require uniforms and it is so easy. White shirts and Navy skirts or pants. Makes getting ready a breeze for her. Paige started 4th grade at her school. She goes to public school and loves her teacher and has great friends. We have been busy with soccer (both girls are playing, Laine's coach decided she might as well play on offensive cause she is going to run the entire field anyway...ha....She does well at taking the ball down the field and trying to score....not so well at playing defense where she is standing in front of her goal and protecting it....doesn't get it), paige has piano and we have church on Monday nights. The kids love the program of AWANA that our church does and are excited it starts tonight. Oh yeah and I work part time too.....
I love fall and started decorating already. Paige helped me put up my Department 56 New England village with 14 little buildings and fall trees. The day after Thanksgiving we let it snow in the village and all the fall trees and accessories come down and the evergreens and snows comes out. She loves helping me with it.
I love these things about this stopping to get coffee and having some free afternoons which I haven't had in 10 years with both girls being at school, pumpkins, candles burning, our church which is inspiring and growing and building us as a family, sitting in our new hot tub, looking forward to a vacation with just hubby and I this winter for 6 days, and Thanksgiving, and I could go on and on.... God is good.

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Carol said...


Yes, God is good, and isn't He up to some amazing things at our church? I love Prepare a Place and what that means for new families and future generations, and unsaved lives that will be forever changed.

I enjoyed reading about what your family is up to and I wish Shawn and I were taking a 6 day vacation. :) I look forward to seeing you at AWANA on Monday.