Monday, January 10, 2011

christmas day

we had such a good Christmas morning....I made the girls wait until 700 to open presents but they could look in their stockings any time. about 4 or 5 in the morning i heard them sneak into the living room and go back to paiges room to compare what treasures were in the stockings. my sister and i did the same thing growing up and it was sweet memories ....i made a overnight baked french toast which was yummy. paige got the DSi that she really wanted and laine got the doll she wanted and they got lots of other toys on their wish list too. we invited our family and some friends to our house for dinner. we ate ham and the traditional Christmas dinner foods. it was so good. we played some games and had a great family day. it was a prefect day!

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purejoy said...

wow jen… they're really growing up. so much in the last year!
isn't that how christmas should be though? gifts, the thrill of discovery and surrounded by friends and family and lot of yummy treats. why we don't indulge this way more often… i'll never know!