Saturday, November 29, 2008

everybody has a story

Do you ever have interactions with people say maybe at work, or school, or church that leave you changed and inspired. Recently I have gotten to know a couple coworkers a little better and are amazed at their strength and determination. One friend whom I have worked with for the last 2 years, left me speechless when I learned of her past. She is the kind that always leaves you more filled up, built up and encouraged just by seeing her. I might see her in the hallways at the hospital or we might be working side by side to help someone very sick. No matter the situation she always has a smile and is so gracious. Recently we have gotten to know each other better. She is now I would say in her 50's, but when she was in her 20's and what she thought was a happy marriage her husband left her with 2 child under 3 and no job no money. She was a stay at home mother and returned to school for her nursing degree. Shortly after getting remarried her then new husband had an affair. Then her mother passed away and she helped care for her father.

Another friend has four young children whose first husband was killed in a car accident. She remarried and her husband had an affair with a coworker.

Another friend has tried for over 10 years for a baby and was pregnant this year and then when she was 9 months pregnant had lost the baby inside her.

Another friend's mother died on my friends wedding night. Then lost her dad too within a short time too.

Someone else I know lost her mother when she was a young mother herself with twins and she could have certainly used her help and encouragement.

Someone else I know watched her husband become ill, and then cared for him until he passed. She did it while raising 2 young boys.

I have learned that there are just so many people who have heavy hearts from past struggles and pain but pick themselves up and make the best. Many of them believe in a big God. Some trust in Jesus. They all used their past situations to make their current lives more full. They have compassion and empathy for those who hurting.

My question to you. Who in your life could you encourage? Who could use a phone call, a letter of hope and encouragement, a little time, a little money? It just might make all the difference. I am reading a book called "Wide Awake" by Erwin Mcmanus. This is such a good book and I highly recommend it. This is an excerpt from his book.

"I want you to consider the possibility that God has designed a role for you in the creating of the future. It's somewhat ironic how we are far more comfortable changing history or even making history than we are with creating the future. Everyday, whether you recognize it or not, you are affecting the future. Every choice you make has momentum long past the action. Good choices create a better world and a better future." Erwin Mcmanus book Wide Awake

Reach out this holiday season and celebrate what Christmas is all about.


Erica said...

That is a wonderful challenge and quite honestly not a role I typically see for myself outside of my home. So I will definitely take it to heart! God Bless ~ Erica

stephanie garcia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Were you in Real Life at CMU with Pedro?

I enjoyed this post very much. In our ladies' Bible study this year we studied Beth Moore's Breaking Free. There were so many stories shared by women I thought I knew well but who had lived through difficult experiences I would never have imagined, yet are strong and faithful in the Lord despite/because of them!