Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i can't believe i haven't posted a blog in 3 weeks!!!

We have been so busy around here. So many things to do and so little time. We had fun this weekend enjoying the first snow fall. The girls tried catching snowflakes on their tongues and eating snow. oh the simple things!!!!
We have piano and swimming lessons and I am learning to play the violin. Paige also has girl scouts and they have done some really fun things so far this year. Maybe even winter camping...I'm not sure about that one. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We put evergreen wreaths outside and snowflake Christmas lights around the front door Sunday. In laine's mind it should already be Christmas for goodness sakes. She asks about everyday when will we put our tree up and when is Santa coming? She is so precious though when I ask her about the most important thing about Christmas she says "Jesus momma". Yup your right little laine.

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