Wednesday, May 6, 2009

potty issues

Last weekend we drove to a cute little town for some family time and a tulip festival. It is about 1 1/2 hours from our house and our first mistake was giving Laine a sippy cup full of juice on our way there. Then she asked for more to drink and I had snacks for the day and handed her a juice box....bad idea.

So about 1 hour into the trip in middle of nowhere (we had just passed a little town and 15 minutes till the next one) she reports....."I HAVE TO GO POTTY" and she was squeezing her little legs together as tight as she could. I told her to hold it and we would find her a potty.

So about another minute down the road she appears desperate and I realize she is not going to make it another 10 minutes. I tell hubby to pull over and we get out. I tried to act excited about peeing on the side of the road. "Laine, you get to go potty on the grass" "No mommy". Just as her little tush is sticking out a truck drives by with some teenage boys and beeping the horn and laughing. Laine was now not about to pee on the side of the road. "I just can't do it here" she tells me.

So back in the car we get and drive again. Thankfully we make it to the next town and pull into a gas station. Jeff parks the car and I tell Laine "come on let's go potty" Laine's eyes get big and she stares at me then says "i have to pee on that sidewalk?"

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Elizabeth L. said...

I loved your story - especially the ending! "I have to pee on the sidewalk?!"