Tuesday, June 16, 2009

summer days on vacation

i hope as my girls grow older and have their own families that they will pass along the things from our vacations that make them special. i love our summer trips to the same quaint beach town. it has a wonderful ice cream shop with a walk up window not a drive through. it has an A and W but not a McDonald's. it has a drive in movie theater. it has friendly people who introduce the girls to their dogs and expect us to say hello next time we pass them on a walk. it has beautiful scenic drives along the beach, into the vineyards and the along a simple little river. it has a sandy beach just waiting for the next castle to be built. it has sunsets that can't be beat and petoskey stone hunting trips that we always go on. i could go on about more memories...and maybe another day i will. i love how coming here to this town help us reconnect and spend time together. i love my family.

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purejoy said...

more adorable sister pix?? so stinkin precious!!