Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a big day

today paige got her ears pierced! we have been talking about it for a year now. we told her when she turned 7 last year she could. she wasn't ready. so we waited. she is having another birthday soon and we offered again. today when she got home from school we somehow started talking about earrings and girl stuff and she decided. she wanted to "talk" to the girl at the earring store about how it. she asked all kinds of questions in a very mature way. how much it hurts? how does it go in? how long does it take? and all about the whole process. the ear piercer girl was very patient and answered all her questions and then said are you ready? "yes i am" paige said to her. she picked light blue sparkly ones and so cute! i remember the day my mom took my sister and i to get ours pierced and will remember this mommy daughter bonding special time today too. P.S. she was very brave

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Sara said...

Congrats Paige! I remember getting my ears pierced for the first time too! Nice choice of earrings. :) Have fun picking out different earrings to wear.