Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy saint patty's day

Paige and cousin before school today. No outfit is complete without bobbing clover and leprechaun headbands with matching four leaf necklaces! We had lucky charms for breakfast too. These outfits almost didn't happen though. Here is the story.
I never thought Paige would be interested in something like these decorations because she never likes to bring attention to herself. So I never bought anything "green" for today. Well last night I got home from work at 8:00pm and she tells me to take her to the mall for bobbing headbands. Sorry dear... but I just got home and it is almost time for bed. She was disappointed but went to bed anyway. So fast forward to this morning...
I was suppose to work today. I was mad I got cancelled and couldn't fall back to sleep. The night charge nurse called me about 10 minutes before I walk out the door. So I had my shower and everything done. I got back in bed and couldn't fall asleep because of the late call. I decided to go to grocery store and try to find some St. Patty's headbands. I found them and she was thrilled when she woke up the the goodies. what a little blessing after all....at least it made her day.
p.s. I bought the same goodies for Laine and she refuses to wear them to preschool so she wanted her cousin to have them.


purejoy said...

your little leprechans look so stinkin cute!! what a blessing in disguise to have your work cancelled.
btw, i love your blog header. i am looking forward to learning how to do my own page.

Anonymous said...


I meant to tell Laine "thanks" for letting Avery wear the headband. It was sweet of her. I would NEVER thought she would wear the headband either. I couldn't even talk her into a green shirt on a green ponytail wrapped around her wrist. LOL....