Sunday, March 1, 2009

goldfish tank

Today something happened to the gold fish tank and no one seem to know what happened. I was called to Paige's room "mom come quick Paige's gold fish tank is leaking". Paige had just been in the living room so I know she doesn't know what happened. We were called when Paige was halfway down the hallway. So we run down to Paige's room and there is a big crack in the side of her tank and water leaking everywhere. We put the fish in another tank and cleaned up the mess. I then asked Laine what happened (knowing her answer would be interesting...) She says "I don't really know mom, maybe Swiper the fox or something" (Dora the Explorer's stealing sidekick). Interesting Laine because I didn't see Swiper in here only you. "Hummmm, I don't really know" was the only answer I got. I tried to be calm and didn't yell or anything. I tried to explain I would rather have a honest answer. I asked again "Laine do you know what happened to the fishtank?" Yes has a crack in in"... yeah thanks Laine I knew that.

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