Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{new scrapbook room}

I am so lucky to have my new scrapbook room coming together. I still am organizing and decorating it. I found an awesome art print by Amy Ruppel that is going to look sooooo cute in here. Then I discovered other great prints by Angie Lewin that is going to help me be creative! I also just really love my vintage camera collection and am thinking of finding a new shelf for my room and moving them from the living room to my office. I plan to organize and hang a wire from Ikea across one wall to hang different inspiration and ideas. I have another shelf that hubby will have to help with maybe this weekend we can get that done. I posted more scrapbook pictures along my side bar on the right side. Enjoy...happy Wednesday.
P.S. Laine is feeling so much better. She is walking and running and do everything again. Stairs still bother her but getting better. She has her stitches out and has 4 more weeks of IV antibiotics with 3 weeks done. She was able to stop by her school today and see her friends. She still can't attend all morning but was so happy to see her friends for snack and story time.


Erin Major said...

It looks so awesome, Jen! It's making me want to scrapbook again, lol! Very nice job, love it!

purejoy said...

sorry, i can't comment.