Monday, January 11, 2010

day date and scrapbook room

Sunday my hubby and I had a little day date....cuz we forgot our anniversary until like 2:00 in the afternoon back 2 weeks ago. (Laine had surgery...we were so focused on her....we both forgot for most of the day). So we said when things settle down we will carve some time for just us. Sunday was the was soooooo great.
First we went with the whole family to church, then Paige had a Girl Scouts event, Laine spent some time with dear friends and hubby and I had the whole afternoon. We took a little road trip.
We had lunch at Zingerman's which is in Ann Arbor. A very cool college town bakery/deli with awesome food. The kind of sandwiches that you think about the next day. So yummy and great coffee and root beers. Did I say it was yummy?
Then we went to Ikea....Oh how I love that store. I have been dreaming about my office for a while since we have finished our basement. I had some Christmas money and a gift card to use and it was so fun. I seriously could spend the whole day there.
It was great to spend the afternoon with my hubby. Our lives have been a bit busy lately and it was special to have time together.
And I have a new desk, bookcase, shelf and such a cute scrapbook office room that I'll post some pics soon.
Ya'all have a warm Tuesday...we are looking to having a warm up here...might even get to the mid 20's this week. yippppeeeee!

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purejoy said...

wow. a room from ikea. i could live in that store. permanently. except the kitchens are just for show and non functional. but i seriously would love to live in every little apartment there for a week at a time. you know, just move from one apt. to the next. mmmmmm.