Sunday, July 27, 2008

big bed for Laine

I am so glad we were spontaneous today. We decided after church to look for a big bed for Laine. Her 3 year old birthday is coming and we decided a Dora bedroom and twin bed was going to be her present. We found a great twin bed and really cute Dora bedding. We set it up when she was playing this afternoon with her sister. They were outside and when she came in we surprised her.
I am glad I didn't know last night it would be the last time I put her in her crib.
I am glad that as we said her goodnight prayers last night I didn't know that tonight I would say those prayers in a big bed.
I am glad that she is growing and healthy and strong and is becoming a little girl and not a baby anymore.
I am not glad that the time goes so quickly and here she is almost 3 years old. Just where did 1095 days go? Where did 26280 hours go? And where did over 1,500,000 minutes go?
Oh I remember some of the moments....
I remember the moment when she was born, I remember just days later when we were told she had a rare genetic disorder. I remember times when she was sick and we were scared. I remember wishing that God would give me a glimpse of her future when she was tiny and weeks old. I am glad I felt the peace that only God can give and being told "just trust me". Thank you God for giving us all these moments. You have been faithful. We have seen Laine become a spunky, sassy, funny, and feisty little one who has brought us much joy in the million minutes we have had her. She has learned and explored, taught, loved, sung, danced, cried, and many other moments we likely won't forget. These images are etched on our minds and remain in our hearts. I remember the first time she laughed...I remember when she walked...I remember when she said grace for the first time...I remember when she sang Hannah Montana's "I've got the best of both worlds" (complete with the key change and everything). I remember the night she crawled into Paige's bed to snuggle. I remember the sunny day she said "It's a great day huh mom?"
I remember the day when she used the potty chair all day..(oh yeah that hasn't happen yet never mind, just wishful thinking).
I hope in the future that I can create a snapshot, a little scrapbook in my mind, a place in my heart to help me to remember all the moments to come.

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Pinkalicious said...

I loved this post. From one mommy to another, I don't know where those moments go but I cherish them too. I just had similar thoughts as Madeline turned four. It goes by way too fast!!

I loved the picture of Laine--so cute in her pig tails. I love the look on her face. What an angel you are blessed with.