Saturday, July 12, 2008


For the last 3 days I have had a temperature up to 102.3. I think children must be able to deal with fevers a lot better than adults because I have been on the couch since Thursday night. I saw the doctor on Friday and after blood work and swabs to rule out infection or strep she thought it was just a viral infection. Thank you to my husband who took the kids to a movie tonight...thank you to Laine who take me by the face and says "awe honey are you sick?"...thank you to Paige who played pretty quietly this afternoon (This was after my not so good mommy moment where the girls were playing outside and come in with chalk sidewalk paint covering their crocs and rainboots. Paige says Laine told her to squirt the paint into her shoes. Paint was oozing out the holes of the crocs. They had the paint all over little hands, legs and shoes. I admit it...I yelled. A lot... I hate it when I do it. If I felt better I probably would have laughed and told them to go back outside and use the hose. Paige's feelings were hurt and I felt bad. Not one of my best moments being a parent. I'll try better next time.) Just hoping tomorrow I feel better. It did get me off work for the weekend. Having a nurse with a fever isn't a good idea... especially oncology patients. Just praying the Laine doesn't get the same virus. Please pray protection for her as that might just get her a ticket to admission for IV fluids. Until next time...

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