Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Give thanks

This picture is from Laine's birthday a few weeks ago. She turned 3 recently and we have a lot to be thankful for. She has been been doing so well and is healthy and strong. After she was born with rare genetic disorder called VLCAD (see side bar for more info), I was consumed with worry, anxiety and fear for the first few months of her life. But I learned to trust that we have a good God that wanted us to have joy and not pain, hope and a future for her life seemed more realistic. My husband is so faithful and was such an encouragement. He never wavered in trusting that God would answer our prayers. I so appreciated that. She is so spunky and our little firecracker. She'll start preschool this fall, and that will be an adjustment for me! Here's to Laine and her birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Wow I found your blogsite when searching VLCAD. I am a 30y wife, mother of four boys, Christian, nurse, scrapbooker, shopper, yeah...reading your blog was pretty funny to me considering it was like reading my life except I am the one with VLCAD. I have had problems with exercise intolerance, hypoglycemia, high CPK levels, and other things. Yet with all of these things I believe through the grace of the Lord, am able to be a normal mommy, wife and woman. Let me encourage you that I haven't let any of my problems hinder me from a full life and there is definately hope and many prayers that your little girl will have the same perfectly normal life...she will learn to self limit and do the things that work for her. And if she ends up only being a carrier...God has done a wonderful miracle..God Bless, Allison