Monday, August 25, 2008

show me the daisies

Some days I forget about the joy, love and how much two little girls fill my heart. Some days they are filled with schedules, crying, whining, potty training, cleaning, work and all the routine things that occur during our days.

Today though, I remember the day this picture was taken. Laine brought me a handful of daisies. She was thrilled with herself. "Put em in a vase momma." So I did. I am trying to do more than to create the little scrapbook in my head of the memories of the pictures. I am trying to create experiences that built up, love and show my appreciation to my children. Taking time to pick those flowers with Laine, taking time to look at and listen to Paige as she explains her rock collection and why certain rocks are special. The list goes on about what I am trying to do to encourage them and built them up. There is so much I am working on. Taking time with each of them as they have excitement about something and not being too busy. Whenever I ask them to wait and tell me when I am finished with "whatever it is", they are never quite as excited as they were when they first wanted to tell me something. Take time for the will be glad you did.

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Pinkalicious said...

Thanks for the beautiful posts.....I hear you loud and clear on enjoying the daisies. I strive for that every day. Some days I am better at it than others.

I LOVE the pictures of the girls with the daisies. Your girls are so beautiful!