Thursday, August 28, 2008

lake michigan

Just a view that we love every summer (sometimes more than once if we're lucky!) I remember as a kid we visited my aunt and a lighthouse in her town and thought it was so cool. My sister and I climbed to the top. Our little legs had to work so hard to make it to the top but we did. Back then they were special because I only saw them a few times during all my childhood. Now, I look at lighthouses every summer and a couple things come to mind. One, is that the lighthouse guides all those boats who need direction to make it back to shore safely. It is bright, and sturdy and a beacon to guide. It also guides even when it can't be seen. There are times when we have been standing on the beach directly in front of the lighthouse and can't see it because of the fog. The mist floats around and clouds the sky and the boats still can return safely because of the loud mellow horn calling them home.

Faith is like a lighthouse. It is the substance of things hoped for but not seen. Sometimes that path is not always clear. Thankfully God gives us his word to light our little paths. To get us closer to Him. But even when we can't always see exactly what or where to go...he calls us and waits for us to trust in His plans.
I am planning to make more time to reading and studying the Bible this fall. Not just that but memorizing it too. Wish me luck!

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