Saturday, December 13, 2008

bird feeder

Putting a bird feeder outside is fun to watch all the different birds that visit us. Jeff put ours this year right outside the window that our cat ribbons sits at all day. Needless to say we have a very exhausted little kitty now. She is on alert most all day watching the birds come and go. We have chipmunks and squirrels too. Sometimes they just torment our cat and actually jump on the screen door (I saw it with my own eyes) as to say "try to catch me". Anyway we might try to make feeders with pine cones and birdseed this winter for our woodland friends. It is a fun craft to do as a family on a cold and winter day and I haven't done it for a couple years now. Tonight might just be the night.

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Alma said...

Wow… you have inspired me also for homemade bird feeder, I will try it in this weekend.