Sunday, December 21, 2008

paper crafts

The other night I wanted to scrapbook and my 7 year old wanted to join. Usually this results in me not getting much done, but worth the memories. I cut her some paper and she used my eyelets, brads, ribbons, stickers and die cuts and created the cutest book. The brads spell out her name and inside she used extra pictures of her favorite things. She also likes to draw and made a self portrait inside her book. She was pretty proud of the results. I am too.
To make a book:
1) 12 x 12 paper in assorted colors and sizes, cut in half and then folded.
2) use a hole punch to create a book and use metal ring clips and tie ribbons around.
3) decorate it with anything you heart desires...

1 comment:

Pinkalicious said...

Love the book. I am so doing that over break.

I also love the matching pj's. My sister got Madeline and me matching pj's a couple years ago. They still fit Maddie, so we wear them together often.

I am loving your blog for ideas at Christmas! Thanks for sharing!!

Oh, and I am a Little House fan too! :)

Hugs, Sara