Thursday, December 18, 2008

teaching about jesus

We have tried to share about the important of Jesus in our families lives to our children. We have shared with them from an early age that Jesus was born on Christmas and that is why we celebrate his life. On Easter we celebrate that he has risen from the dead after dying for us on Good Friday. One year around Thanksgiving time, I think when paige was around 4, I asked her if she knew why we celebrated Thanksgiving? In her sweeest look of confusion she says..."it is Jesus' I don't know mommy." I guess in her mind if you don't know the answer just stay safe with the Jesus answer. Cute.

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Pinkalicious said...

Jesus is always the safe route. :)

That was a cute story.....and your previous post on movies is prompting me to get some this weekend and hunker in on the couch to watch them (and knit).

:) Sara