Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday decorating and memory making

Besides the "Christmas tree" there are lots of winter and Christmas decorating I like to do. I love Christmas decorating. It usually involves a cranberry or balsam fir candle burning. I love the chartreuse green color in my new candle and ornaments. I think hanging the ornaments right on the wall looks cute too. I also found a new Nativity set. I hope to add more pieces to it over the years.
For nice easy and less expensive way to decorate, I like to put fresh pine needles in a big bowl of water with cranberries. I sprinkle in some glitter and sometimes add a floating candle. Perfect centerpiece and so easy and cheap. Last weekend we made a popcorn strand to share with our birdies. It works really well with dental floss. The popcorn slides right down. Cranberries look cute on that too. It isn't rain proof though and we had to take our down after a few days. I also cut some boxwood, pine needles (firs and pine) and other greenery from my mom's house and make my own wreaths each year. It only takes 20 minutes to make with some wire, wire wreath and lights.
Christmas involves making memories. Often times it is an album of snapshots in our minds. These snapshots are not just one dimensional. It uses all our senses to create these albums of memories. We need to smell the yummy candle and pine, to hear the bells and music and carols sung, to taste the traditional food we eat this time of year, see the twinkling lights or watching the excitement of a loved one opening a surprise, and to touch and hold the special ones in our lives. How will you decorate and what snapshots are you creating for you family?

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