Saturday, August 1, 2009

blackberry jam

We have lots and lots of blackberries so we have had them on yogurt, on angel food cake, and just in a bowel with a sprinkle of sugar. I have froze some of them so we can enjoy them in the winter when we don't have fresh ones. Last night Paige and I went picking berries and Jeff helped me too. I really wasn't planning to make jam but the idea came to me and I found a receipe on line. I went to the store to buy jars and sure-jel. Paige was such a big help picking and cleaning the jars and drying them. She loved smashing the berries too. Laine helped a little too. Have a fun Saturday in August!

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purejoy said...

oh, what a sweet comment!! i love experiencing life through your lens, and your daughters' observations. it really reminds me of the more innocent days of my daughter's life. she leaves for college in a week. i'll need that blackberry jam to drown my sorrows in! (just kidding, i'm pretty much okay with her growing up. i raised her to leave one day, and it's here!)
so thanks for the super sweet thought. i'm not gonna lie, if i stop by, i like to leave a comment. it's only right, right?
kimberly widmer
137 suffolk drive
knoxville, tn 37922
(and thank you from the bottom of my heart! you made my day!)