Saturday, August 15, 2009

camping trip

We haven't been camping in a reallllllly long time. Like about 5 years. Paige was 2 and still wearing diapers last time we did it. I really don't care for it so much. My husband would love to go alot more. So Friday afternoon the opportunity was given to use a camp site my sister and her husband had reserved for the weekend. Only they weren't going to be able to use it Friday night. So they offered it to us. It was very spontaneous. We decided to go about 3:30 in the afternoon and were all packed and ready to go by 5:00. (They had already set the tent, air mattresses and campfire wood already) That is pretty good! We took our cooler and hobo pie ingredients. For those that don't know what a hobo pie is. You take 2 pieces of bread and butter the outside and then you fill with anything. We made pizza. Sauce, cheese and pepperoni. It makes a little pocket. We had marshmallows, and chips and pop too. We had a good time. I didn't sleep great but that is OK. Laine was so cute. She loved camping and this morning after we had walked to the bathroom she said "are we going back to our new home now"? I love that home to her is anywhere her family is. Paige drew and colored about a 20 page "my camping trip book". It was so creative. She loves to draw. Last night in the tent she just colored and colored. I read a book. Jeff took a little nap. It was so nice just to relax and have fun with no TV or anything. We played card games. Took a walk. Fun family time. What a great day. We really need to do this again.

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purejoy said...

camping is simply the best. great memories for our family. . . even though soccer happened and pretty much killed it. oh well.
oh, and hope you don't mind, but i gave you an award today. stop by and check it out!