Sunday, August 2, 2009

a conversation with a 3 year old.....

Saturday, Laine was pretending she was a cow. She has a very good imagination and likes to be kitties, dogs, or other animals. Yesturday it was a cow. So this is how the conversation went...
Laine: (in a cute little cow voice) : I am a cow and need milk.
Me: Laine if you are a cow you don't need milk, you make milk.
Laine: (starts giggling) Mom, cow's don't make the milk!
Me: Really? Well where does it come from then?
Laine: Mommies and the fridge.
Me: Laine did you know that cow's really can make milk?
Laine: (again giggling...and I could see her little head spinning.. Cows standing on their hind legs makin the milk...what a picture).
Me: really they make milk Laine.
Laine: Cows can't make the milk
Me: Why?
Laine: Cuz they don't have the recipe.
Me: Thinking to my self...( I really need to take her to farm)

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purejoy said...

ohmygracious!! do you see why i love your blog?? i'm in love with your girls!! they are too a-freakin-dorable for words!!
plus, i think i've mentioned that my daughter's name is McLean (rhymes with laine!) and so i just imagine her that old. i wish i coulda blogged back then. what a treasure trove of memories you are building!