Thursday, August 13, 2009

funny things kids say...and a prayer request

Well Laine had a doctor appointment yesterday at U of Michigan Health Systems....which of coarse meant a little shopping in very cool Ann Arbor. Her appointment was with her Hematologist who has been following her eye for the last 4 years (Her Hemangioma was very fast growing tumor, but is healing now!) She got a good report and no need to follow again for a whole year.
Anyway....while we were there they sent in a medical student who talked to her and myself and asked a ton of questions to learn about everything. The student asked "does anyone smoke in the house?" She turned and looked at me and I said "no". In the most cutest face and ohnoimintrouble look, Laine tells her "doctor.... sometimes uhhhh we roast marshmallows". (get it? camp fire?...smoke? smores? smoking? :)) haha. It was so funny. She had everyone in stitches. And then she says "its not funny guys". She just cracks me up. Have a happy Friday!

PS Please pray for our friends who are adopting. They traveled on Saturday to Kazakhstan to adopt 2 teenage girls. The have been praying and trying to get them for the last several years. Finally they get through all the red tape and now both girls (who are sisters) refuse to be adopted. So they will be coming home to an empty house. We are so sad for them.

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