Tuesday, September 2, 2008

back to school

First day of school started today and it felt so good to get back in a routine. I love routine. I love have a schedule of my week. I like knowing what days I volunteer, what days I play tennis, what days Paige has activities. I also totally enjoy fall. I love the tan, orange, red colors the leaves will turn soon. Bonfires and football games and carving pumpkins and decorating are traditions I will enjoy life in the months to come.

I remember the first day of school. I was always so nervous. I think back to the memories I have of elementary school. I know that I spent so much time the night before school thinking about the perfect first day back to school outfit. My mom would always take us shopping a few weeks prior and we would go to another big city shopping. This town had a big mall with our favorite shops. We would usually find our perfect outfit there. I also remember going to pick out new shoes. There was a shoe store that we would go to and usually mine where brown buckles or mary jane style (one pair of brown buckle shoes were my favorite until I fell into cow pasture at my cousin's farm. I was down to my knee in mud and manure and my mom had to pull me out. The muck sucked my right shoe right off my foot...oh how I cried).

Anyway, I remember organizing my book bag (we didn't have backpacks then). I had a pencil box and crayons, and an eraser maybe some scissors but that was about it. Now Paige needs hand sanitizer, snacks to share, colored pencils, and oh so many more supplies that I ever did.
Some things never change though. She spent last night deciding what to wear. She spent Monday organizing her backpack with all her supplies. She is so much like me and my organizing. She had a great first day of school. I did miss her but, was able to get so much accomplished only having one at home. Laine starts preschool on Thursday. I will have 2 1/2 hours twice a week to do anything I want. Do you hear me? Absolutely anything I want! I can have coffee with a friend, grocery shop, clean, garden, scrapbook, play tennis and go to the gym. I can't wait...I'll tell you about that later.

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Pinkalicious said...

Enjoy your two and a half hours to yourself--I am jealous! What I could get done in that time!! I can't wait to hear how you spend that time.

Paige looked darling on her first day of school. I am anxious to hear how Laine's first day of preschool goes too.

Hugs, Sara