Monday, September 8, 2008

first day again!

Last Thursday was Laine's first day at preschool. She had a great time and actually cried when it was time to go home. She keeps asking when she get to go back, and telling me she is going to be really good for her teachers and says "I won't poop in my pants...I'll go on the potty chair." It is about time little one! They have the parents stay the first day so I was at the school too.

Tomorrow will be a big day as she will be dropped off and I know I'll be crying as I pull away. I remember after she was born (and we found out something was wrong with her newborn screening) during the first appointment with her Genetic Dr. I was asking questions like.."So will she be able to go to school?" "Will she be able to walk?" "Will she be able to climb stairs?" "Will she be able to eat food normally?" Really my questions in my head (that I was never able to ask) were "Will she live?" and "Could she die?"

I never asked those questions though. I think I was asking all the other questions to answer the big ones. At the time I felt relief when the dr. said she should be able to go. If she should be able to go to school then she can live with this disorder (VLCAD see side bar for more info) then right? That really was the question.

Since those early days after her birth I have seen how God has worked miracles in her life and our family. Her tumor on her eye is almost gone...totally. She may need minor plastic surgery later but it is so much better than the large Hemangioma she once had. She is strong and healthy and smart and funny. She returns to her specialists in a another month but we are expecting and trusting God for a good report and normal labs.

God has been so faithful during the last 3 years. We are thankful and give Him all the glory for allowing her to be strong and healthy. We do ask for your prayers to protect her from illness that would require any Hospital stays this year. We know how to treat Laine when she is sick which we are grateful for, but we would rather her not have any issues this fall and winter. Our God is good all the time. He knows what is best. While we can't always understand the pain and worry, how we deal with the "curve balls" is what can be pleasing to Him. Do I bring glory to Him? And hope and encouragement to others? Do I trust Him? Always? I'm trying...

To whom much is given much is expected.

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