Saturday, September 27, 2008

nurse or doctor????

The other day the girls and I were driving down the road and I hear Laine tell Paige "my dad is a doctor." (Apparently if mommy is a nurse in her 3 year old brain then daddy is a doctor). Paige then says "no he is not." Which then results in the two of them arguing from the backseat. Then Paige says "mom tell Laine that daddy is not a doctor." So I say to Laine "daddy is not a doctor...daddy is an Engineer." And from the backseat I hear Laine explain to Paige "yup my dad drives a train." (Train Enginneer) Paige and I got laughing so hard.

So then after I picked Laine up from preschool, Laine asks me "are you a doctor yet?" I laugh again and tell her no I am still a nurse (although some days I think I could do a better job than the residents us nurses have to babysit!).

Lately everywhere we go she assumes she is going to the doctor. We go to the bank yesterday and she says "Are there doctors in here?" She has seen more doctors than most kids her age and I wonder if she realizes it is just a part of her life.

I pray that from her experiences as a young child, God would use her to encourage and have compassion for others as she grows.

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