Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The cart

Well I am not the most creative writer in the I am sharing today what my recent Bible study is learning. For more info go to This week the topic was our burdens and having rest. Here is the story...

A traveller was walking down the road laboring under the heavy burden he was carrying on his back. Along came a man with a horse-drawn cart. Pulling alongside the Traveller, the cart driver said, "Sir! I see you are carrying a heavy load and that it makes you weary. Wouldn't you rather ride in my cart than carry that heavy burden?"

"Yes," the Traveller said as he got into the cart, "Now I will no longer have to walk with this burden." A little farther down the road the cart driver looked behind him and was quite astonished to see the Traveller sitting in the cart still carrying his burden, held tightly on his back.

"Sir, why do you still bend under the weight of your burden when you could simply set it down?" he asked. "You have helped me so much already," said the Traveller, "I would not want to impose on you any further."

"But don't you see," replied the cart driver, "it would not be an imposition on me for you to put your burden down. Look at my horse; he is strong and willing. He was made to carry your heavy burdens. Besides, both of you are now carrying your load, yet my horse will carry your load whether you do or not! So please put your burden down or you will wear yourself out and make my horse feel unappreciated."

Isn't that a great story? So many times I place burdens in my bag and continue to carry it. Sometimes our burdens are great and big and serious like boulders in the sack. Those fill our bags quickly, but sometimes make it is easier to go to Him. Other times they are just little pebbles and rocks from everyday stresses like work, errands, lack of time, lack of sleep, cleaning, disciplining, trying to reconnect ect...ect...ect. He still wants us to go to Him all the time. With the big and little stuff God is there for us.

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