Monday, September 22, 2008

"Not Me!"

This is a new idea from a blog called My Charming kids (highly recommend) . She is honest about her life, kids and tells us all about it in a funny way. Things like I would never do...or "not me..I didn't do it" when she really did. She has encouraged her readers to do the same so here's to "Not me!" Monday...
1) I totally did not give my kids a bath with baby wipes.
2) I would never have a skim milk sugar free vanilla Latte 4 times this week. Nope wouldn't even think about it.
3) I did not buy 2 brand new tubes of lipstick that cost $16.00 each. Not me.
4) I did not take care of someone that ate 3 lbs of gravel. Oh wait that was a couple weeks ago. If it happened, which it didn't, so not me.
5) I totally did not almost pee my pants when I saw how many people visisted my site as a guest writer for blog on Sunday. Nope...Never
6) Well 5 is going to have to do for me this week. Anything you didn't do that you want to confess? Here's the chance...

2 comments: said...

ha! i loved your confessions.

i totally didn't drink a beer before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. not me!

mandy said...

How many?

um... a not me? hmmm...Gotta think about that! it's a GREAT idea.

I totally did not just BURN my tongue on hot food at lunch and spit it all out of my mouth and back onto my plate. THEN ATE ALL OF IT.