Monday, December 28, 2009

perking up a bit

Well today Laine is perked up a bit because her sister was able to come and spend time with her. During the night she had leg pain and still is not able to walk on it. But she is talking and wanting to play a little in bed which is a huge improvement from Friday when she layed in bed and slept all day. The surgeon will see her today and her doctors already made rounds and are developing a plan for her. She most likely has either a staph or strep infection in her lower leg and has changes in her bone called Acute Osteomyelitis. She may have had either organism with the cold and cough a few weeks ago and the bacteria was in her blood and settled in the vascular areas of her growth plate in her Tibia bone. She still had fevers during the night and they are making some changes to the antibiotics based on the cultures sent from surgery yesterday. We should have final culture results on Tuesday and that may help to confirm which antibiotic will work the best. Because she is still having fevers she can't have a long term PICC line (central catheter for long term antibiotics) until she is fever free for 24 hours. If she still has bacteria in the blood causing the fevers it can cause a the PICC line to become infected as well. In the morning she will have more labs done to check her inflammation and White Blood Count. That should tell us if she can have a PICC line placed tomorrow or Wednesday and then we should be able to start the antibiotics for home and then maybe toward the end of the end she may be able to go home. At least that is the plan for now. Will keep you posted. God has been so good to us and helping her feel a bit better and our family and friends are so supportive.


Anonymous said...

Still here praying for Laine to go home soon. Cute picture of your girls together.
Love, from Sara and Maddie's Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

Jen, Thank you so much for the updates! I had no idea until I checked facebook yesterday...We are praying for Laine! Please let Laine know that Ellie is sending her a hug. When she can have visitors let me know if she'd like a visit.