Saturday, December 5, 2009

Polar Express

So last night we went to Barnes and Noble Storytime and they read Polar Express and had tickets and hot cocoa and cookies and craft. There was a coloring contest and our artist (Paige) was very excited because she loves to color and draw. So she tells her sister that she was going to win the contest. And the crying began. So now Laine is upset because she says she doesn't want to be a loser...she wants to be a winner too. So the only way we can get her to stop crying is Paige whispered in her ear that if she wins she'll share the basket of goodies (polar express on CD, hot cocoa, a game, a santa hat, jingles bells). It was very generous for the winner.
So then I see Laine talking to the storyteller.....And I was panicking...cuz i pretty much knew what conversation Laine was having. She walks back to us and I asked her what she was talking to the reader about (she knows the reader from storytime each week...Ms Rhonda) and Laine proceeds to tell me that she told Ms Rhonda that her sister was going to win the coloring contest because she was the best colorer. Oh great! I said Laine there is lots of other kids who are working on their project and coloring and Paige might not win. "Oh yup she will"...Laine says. So then later....much to my complete embarrassment Laine is again talking to Ms. Rhonda. She just was laughing and so sweet about it. Paige says "oh great... Laine now I'm going to lose because you are being so annoying". But Paige really did win. She really did have the best coloring job. I saw the other pictures and I do really think Paige deserved to win. When we were leaving Laine was so sweet and telling Paige "I'm so proud of you...I knew you would be the winner". Paige was so happy carrying her basket and did indeed share everything with her sister when we got home......ahhhhhh Christmas memories.

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Sara said...

I love that story! :)