Wednesday, December 9, 2009

we have the best friends!!!! and papa!!!

last night paige started with a sore throat and during the night had a she stayed home with me today. but laine had preschool and paige soooooo didn't want to go anywhere. i have such a sweet friend who helps me so much. my good friend (tricia...who I can't hyperlink cuz she does have a blog...but I blog because she was in the "Know" a few years back and i first heard about blogging from her) picked up laine for school and brought her home, brought paige crackers and gatorade and then all of us lunch.
We had soup last week and I used all my saltines up! of coarse! so papa (grandpa) stopped by the store and brought paige gingersnaps and sprite and saltines. Today was suppose to be a grocery day while the girls were at school, but tricia and papa were such a blessing....its is cold here in michigan and not wanting to venture out with this little sick one.
paige has perked up a few times during the day and played on the computer and helped me wrap a couple presents. we are having my cousins and their families here on saturday and have presents to wrap... check, tables to set up...check, cleaning...check, laundry...check, played with the photobooth on my computer...check and taking care of my sick one and praying laine doesn't get it...check

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