Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PICC Line and one step closer

Laine had a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) line inserted last night and looks like we are getting another step closer to getting home. She was very funny coming out of sedation last night...apparently I had 2 heads and dad had 2 mustaches. I am hoping that all goes well today. She will need home IV antibiotics for 4-6 weeks and weekly doctor appointments and lab work. I am taking FMLA but am hoping to work when I can. She still has a fair amount of pain in her lower leg and it is making walking not a fun experience. Please pray for her leg pain and also that should would not require any more surgery. It is possible for the infection that is still there to settle in areas again and cause an abscess as her leg heels. It isn't totally uncommon for the surgeon to have to open her leg again. But something we are praying doesn't not have to happen. I am missing Paige so heart is hurting for her. She has had a lot of fun with friends and family, but ready for her own bed now and to see her sister and us. The plan is this afternoon we will be switched over to her home IV pump. It is a continuous pump that she will wear as a little fanny pack. Hopefully tonight we will get to be discharged. Please pray for infection to clear and no recurrences ever, protect her body from infection, heal her leg, and for our family getting settled back at home. We will also have medical bills and co pays and I don't want to even think about that mail arriving. ugggg. But God is good and so many are praying for her and healing and we are so thankful for that.

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purejoy said...

praying y'all get to go home soon. and that the infection stays away.
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