Sunday, December 27, 2009

surgery this morning

Well last night the ortho docs came to see laine and thought she may need surgery in the next day or so...then rounded on her again this morning and decided they didn't like the way her leg looked and she wasn't much better on 3 antibiotics for the last 4 days. The docs decided surgery would happen today....800 this morning we found out surgery was at 900. We have so loved our doctor who pushed for testing and surgery this weekend.
Laine had an incision of the tibia bone where the infection was, and cleaned and debrided it and the culture and samples were sent to lab. It could take until Tuesday to get the results. She will continue on antibiotics through her IV, but probably needs a longer term IV line called a PICC line placed in the next few days, as she will most likely need IV antibiotics long term (4-6 weeks). We will be here for a while still. God is good answering our prayers about having surgery ( a good thing....she feels better since they open her leg and cleaned it, fever is better, and the surgeon was able to get samples to send to lab). Today she actually ate dinner and this was the first time in a week she had an appetite. She has been a trooper and been handling being in the hospital over Christmas, infection, surgery and all this really well. We should know more this week about the plan. Paige is doing well considering we have been with Laine a lot but she has been so mature and not acted too disappointed. She has been staying with family and having fun with her cousins and rest of the family. They all have been such a blessing to us...thank you family and friends.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear an update and that things are going well. I'm still here praying for your sweet family.
Love, from Wisconsin (Sara and Maddie's Aunt Karen)

Sara said...

Thanks for the update....sending a hug!! I am glad to hear surgery went well and that Laine is feeling better. :)

Erin said...

We're definately praying for Laine. What a beautiful blog. You would get along with my friend Carol. She is in England right now, hopefully coming back home in the next few months. I will have to introduce you two when she's back. She has a beautiful blog and scrapbooks, also. :-)