Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi/Lo of the week

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There is a precious blog I have been reading the last few weeks after seeing a badge on someone else's blog. Where Laughter Lives is a blog about a little girl Abby as she fights cancer and her family's story about it. The blog posts high and lows of the week. They have encouraged their readers to do the same. So here are mine....(it was really hard for me to think about the lows this week.) I guess because I can't imagine having a child fighting cancer ours seem a little silly to talk about. But anyway...


  • 1) Jeff and I got a little date night..just coffee and talk and time!

  • 2) We have tickets to a Chris Tomlin concert tonight with some friends Oh yea!

  • 3) I have been able to do a little scrapbooking and joined an awesome scrapbooking group online called Scrap in Style (SIStv). I have gotten some great ideas!


  • 1) We lost one of Paige's guppies this week. She could tell he looked sick one night and we prayed for him but the next morning he died. She was sad. In the life of a 7 year old her fish was important.

  • 2) Having hours cut at work (every week getting 12 less hours) and concern for having a job in the future. Health care is affected by the economy and there are too many nurses right now where I work and not enough need for us.

We are blessed and pray for Abby and her family.


purejoy said...

i too feel very blessed to pray for the riggs.
i am so glad that the worst thing that happened to you is that you had to deal with the loss of a guppy!! seems insignificant to us, but to a child, that is a memorable event (and a good teaching time!)
too many nurses?? are you serious?? i hear about nursing shortages all over!! i'll be praying for your situation. it's crunch time everywhere.
have a blessed week, and i enjoyed your post.

Michelle Jamie said...

Thank you for sharing these moments with us. I'm really sorry to hear about your lo's. There is always a way!