Saturday, January 24, 2009

paige at 3 months

oh goodness how time flies! oh how i wish i could remember how kissing those little checks and holding those precious little hands felt. my beautiful baby is now a mature almost 8 year old. i pray that when she is 12 i am not forgetting what she is like today. i want to remember all the special things about my children in the moment and in the future. what i do love about taking so many pictures is that the picture is a snapshot that reminds me of the memories. oh what awesome beautiful memories!

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Elizabeth L. said...

Jen - my little Avi is 1 today, and although I love seeing her get older, bigger and more independent, I will miss so much her baby-ness. A couple months ago I was holding a 2.5 year old Nourit in the same chair that I nursed her in, and I couldn't remember her being a baby anymore. It makes me a little sad. (And makes me want to have more babies!!)

Your girls are so beautiful - just like their mama!