Saturday, January 3, 2009

photoshop....i'm learning

well i have had photoshop for about 10 days now and i can say i have learned a lot! i hope to post more scrapbook pages this winter of my style. i do like simple and easy. I have been known to premake books or pages for certain events i know will happen. i used a couple new skills like layers and using a selection tool and moving to a new picture to make this one of laine. i can't decide if it is so adorable, or a little scary? i think a word that comes to mind is striking. she has the bluest eyes and they are so beautiful. when she is happy they are sparkly and bright. when she is sad her emotions are shown for sure too!
ps.... best buy has photoshop elements for sale this week online for 99.00. at least this was earlier in the week.
have a great day....

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