Wednesday, January 7, 2009

photographers check it out.

First off...Have you seen this cute site on *Shey*[B] at etsy? She has the most cutest camera strap slip covers. I just bought a black and white one with minky fabric on one side. I can't wait to get it! See this site for picture of it
Also i have done a little more photoshop magic and am learning a lot! These are some pictures i have done recently...

In the next day i hope to write more about my goals for 2009....


EllenM said...

I hopped onto your blog from that of Sara Koppes where I read that no one posts here. So, I thought I’d leave a surprise message for you from a stranger. I like what you’ve done to the place :-) You’ve done a wonderful job of decorating your blog and sharing your family. It looks like photoshop is going to be a great assistant in preserving your memories. Don’t you love it when you can purchase something that actually works and offers inspiration? You have some wonderful pictures. I especially liked the “Winter is Here” pictures of your girls.

I think it’s awesome that you find joy in the simple things. What a great path to be on in life. I believe some of the very best experiences come from the often over-looked “simple” things. Sounds like you and your family are eager to embrace them. Good for you!

On a side note, I noticed that you’re a nurse. I have to tell you “God bless you” for that. From personal experience, I have always appreciated the good nurses who have been there in times of need. Don’t ever underestimate your presence in the profession and the power of each and every prayer you send up on behalf of your patients. One of the simplest things…a simple prayer can turn into something monumental.

While you’re enjoying your coffee and deciding what new color to play with in photoshop, please know there is a woman in St. Louis who is enjoying her coffee and smiling at the thought of a child in Michigan who is so passionate about chocolate she’d remove it from milk. That story really made me smile.

Blessings to you and your family! Here’s to “simple things”.

JenD said...

well isn't she just the sweetest? My comment for those that don't know was on site where i joked that it was so nice that her friends and family commented. My friends and family read this site but i am pretty sure they are too "redneck" to know how to make a post. (that was done with the most love). anyway wasn't she sweet to comment!