Friday, January 30, 2009


Last night Jeff and I were able to see Chris Tomlin and his Hello Love tour in concert. It was so good! There was one part in the concert when all the lights began to fade and there was a single light bulb left on. It was probably a 50 watt. It was amazing how that one tiny light bulb could bring light to such a huge arena. It hit me that as Christians we are that light. The light that spreads into the darkness. The light wasn't even noticeable with all the big lights on. It was evident, strong and powerful and brought light into the darkness. Who is in your life that you are bringing light too? Are you letting your light shine? Am I letting mine shine? We can make a difference in those around us. There was also the singer Christy Nockels from Watermark who has a new song called "Life Light up" You can go here for a free download. Some lyrics are...

"Let my life light up like up like city lights...Let it burn for you in the darkest night..
My light will shine on earth and My power will be praised."

Have you ever driven toward a city where even from far away there is a casting upward the lights of the city. Have you seen the images from space where they have taken pictures of the earth? You can see lights of city even from there. Wow. We can have that kind of impact for our world...

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